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TrailHead Books™ is a customizable FileMaker Pro database system that can keep track of groups, registrations, needs for lodging, food, and program, and provide staff with the information they need to provide optimal hospitality.

TrailHead Books™ is available FREE to non-profits. It can be fully customized by you. Internet and on site customization and training are available on a fee basis.

Contact us for a full DEMO. There are runtime versions for both Mac and PC or you can just download the database files to use with your copy of FileMaker Pro.

You can also download a pdf TrailHead Books™ User Introduction that includes tips on using FileMaker.

If you don't now have a copy of FileMaker Pro - minimum version 7 - you can download a FREE 30-day trial at FileMaker.com.


The system includes three main modules:

Gobs of Reports & Printouts ACOunts Receivables Notebook Supplies, Widgets, And Multiple Payments*
For events where you register every guest. For events where you register a group. Finances - data transfers from GORP & ACORN
See sample screens from GORP. See sample screens from ACORN See sample screens from SWAMP

TrailHead Books™ ties the three systems together referencing and transfering data when appropriate to avoid needing to re-key information. Navigation between various parts of the system and printing reports is done primarily by clicking the appropriate icon.

See sample screens of TrailHead Books™

FileMaker Pro is a highly regarded user-friendly, cross-platform relational database. See reviews.

We've been developing camping and retreat center solutions with FileMaker since 1988.

*I know, the names as acronymns are a bit of a stretch. I started out with some camp staff who were not enthused about computerizing in 1988 so GORP was an attempt to connect with the camp/retreat culture. ACORN wasn't too hard to connect with after that first module was up and running. And I admit it, doing bookkeeping has always seemed to me like so much slogging through a deep swamp, thus the general ledger name.